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Now that is a word I wish I’d never heard. But since I have, at least I know I am not crazy – as everyone around me thought. But I kind of thought that the minute I found out what I had, I would also find out how to get rid of it.

Unfortunately, it has not been that easy, especially since it had such a toehold in my body before I knew what it was.

It has also cost my family a fortune we did not have.

BUT…it forced me to realize that my time here might be shorter than I had hoped. That in turn has helped me to make better use of what time I have left over after fighting this almost all-consuming disease. Naturally I like to think I would have come to this revelation sooner than later, even without Morgellons. I will never know.

And what about you? Are you a newbie? Or have you been battling this for more than a year? Two? Ten?

There are online groups that have been extremely helpful to me, and the number of people who have recovered from Morgellons is adding up.

There are also a few products and protocols now that former sufferers credit with their recovery: MMS (not the same as the sulfur-based MSM), Anu Water, athlete’s foot creams, a type of sauna, neem products, benzoyl peroxide, roach prufe, Arm and Hammer laundry detergent, baking soda, and more. Please comment on this article if you are cured and would like to share your story. Better yet, email your story to morjella@gmail dot com and I’ll share it in another article.

16 Responses to Morgellons

  1. ZM says:

    Just wanted to thank you formally for bringing the conversation of F-5 to the table. I have been on it two days – no long term experience yet but I will say that it has significantly reduced the scalp tingling/electrical charged feeling on my head immediately. Whether this wonderful effect will continue or not remains to be seen but I’ll take it. Pure heaven to not have to feel like Medusa. I know for me my hair follicles were the first infected and the place I harbor this beast. Gordon is a good man – I am sorry for the bashing that went on. I have tried some crazy protocols in the past (I’ll admit I even bathed in bleach for a while). This is not one of those. In fact, I really have no worries about using a product some have deemed to be “risky” – it’s more risky for me to not to try something at this point. Desperate times call for desperate measures and I am beyond desperate.

  2. morjella says:

    Hi, everyone, just wanted to let you know that I’ve bought the domain and will be updating that website now rather than this one. I will leave this one up for a while to point people to the other one. Come check it out. There is also a morgellons forum at
    See you there!

  3. sarahsv66 says:

    Hey there. I have been on F5 for about 6 weeks and I too have had a lot of eye weeping, crusting, swelling etc. I wonder if it starts there? I’m pulling ridiculous amounts of fibers and junk out of all of my skin everyday now. Lesions and unbroken skin too. It seems the F 5 may have taken a strong hold on it now. I do get boughts of watery bowel movements after eating every few days, is this the biofilm thing? How do you know its biofilm? Can you see it? I’m staying on F5 for now, I feel its working. I wish peace and wellness to all.
    PS. I got torn apart on MDR so thank you for this safe place to talk!

    • morjella says:

      I’m glad you are here. Each to his own, I guess, but I grew up in strife and can deal with it, but really really don’t like it.

      I’ve spent so many years defining and identifying and photographing and documenting, one website after another, that I am now only interested in 1) short term functionality (gotta pay the bills) and 2) long-term healing. I have gotten very patient with this. I’ve had no choice. I know now that I will get well. Thanks to the F-5 I am wearing short-sleeved and sleeveless tops this summer – that has been impossible for years.

  4. pat says:

    Hi Posey I should stick to this place and leave the other to stew in their own juice.
    I have had same as you food stuck in throat etc also cough up from throat NOT lungs clear jelly. Though they cannot decide what the lung shadow is after numerous tests.However I was told last week by a nurse I have very healthy lungs LOL I am a lifelong smoker of some 50yrs so that knocks the bull they are feeding people re smoking. I’m not saying its good but it sure aint the demon they make it out. Considering all the green toxic stuff in house ,garden etc the shadow in lung is prob fungus. Not that they will find this in a hurry. Glad you are doing soooooo well posey & you too morjella.By the looks some will be left with egg on faces.

    • morjella says:

      I can’t say I don’t get mad when people attack me or others, but I will say that my way of dealing with it no longer involves fantasies of choking all the jerks in my life, lol. Now I just hope they get well so they can move forward with their respective functionalities – or lack thereof.

  5. posey says:

    Hello Pat, so good to see you here.

    Morgella, are you doing any excreting of matter in your lungs? I have discovered when I put this on my entire body and get chest area covered good it willtake a few hours but my lungs fill with this clear gooey stringy stuff. I mean they really fill up.

    I spoke with Gordon about this and he told me it is another good sign. What is happening is the F-5 is drawing the M out of my system and to my lungs to be expelled. Something like a drawing salve one can put on a sliver to bring it to the surface.

    It does not look like normal phlegm and there is very much of it to be expelled. I have to get the top of my lungs cleaned out first and then do long coughs to try and bring it up from the bottom of my lungs.

    For a tongue scraper I have one that is shaped like a spoon. This works really well when getting this sticky goo out of my throat as I bring it up. I know this all sounds disgustung but what health issue isn’t.

    Another point I want to make which gives me credence. I noticed some time ago, a few years, that I had a hard time getting food down after I swallowed. It would get stuck on the way down. I now believe this to be the sticky goo matter from Morgellons and I bellieve it is the same matter I am expelling from my lungs when I rub the F-5 in.

    To our good health and for positive progress,

    • morjella says:

      I have had more chest congestion lately, but I’ve had it for years with the morgellons. hopefully its worsening means healing.

  6. posey says:

    I know the people on other sites are having a field day with this. Why? I don’t know. First of all, we are not going to get ant clinical trials from the medical community until, if ever, they recognize Morgellons as a real disease, which it most certainly is. So if I and others want to use something, I would be happy to wait and hear of the outcome. No one is pushing F-5 on anyone. Goedon did not contact me. I contacted him via of another Morgellons sufferer who is a friend I trust.

    Even if the medical community ever does recognize M, we all kniw how long research takes and how many researches are bogus before theyactually come up with the real true pathogen. After all those years, now we have more years of research from drug companies; some bogus, some valid. If I waited for the medical society to look into this with credibility, I’d be dead before any real vaild and credible research with a cure or remission pill were ever developed.
    There are way too many unknowns about M. However, one thing I know for sure and I assume most of us do: the high numbers of people claiming to have these symptoms and disease is totally impossible for it to be DOP. Shucks, I think I’d do a “happy dance” if I were DOP. Not for myself, but for other Drs. in order to prove my credibility, I went t a Psychiatrist and Psychologist. They both say I am not psychotic and have no psychoses. In fact, they were appalled at how I was treated by Derms.

    I am a little over 3 months in my use of F-5 and I can tell the difference in many ways. I have already posted some. M, I believe id deep in tissue and F-5 is bringing up and out what feels like tiny pebbles. Some afre visible to the eye, others not. My chin has not felt as smooth as it does now for many years. These white seed like things which in no way I could remove, are just about gone. It’s as if they are layered. I dion’t do any picking or squeezing. I let F-5 do all the work. After all, that’s it’s job.

    I have scars from M right under my nose. These scars are nearly gone. They are not scare from picking n=but just from disfigurement.

    People, please listen. We who are using F-5 could be doing what is best for all. Once the product is patented and the makers interests are protected, I am sure the ingredients will be revealed. He is an honest person. He is not someone you buy the product form and then never hear from him again. I have called him many times with questions and he always answers his phone and talks with me. Maybe once I had to leave a message and he called me back within the hour. He does not sell his product and then forget you. In fact, he wants to know how you are doing.

    I have faith in Gordon and I believe in his cause. If everyone would just settle down a bit and wait and see, this may be the answer we all have been wanting and some praying for. One thing we have to remember though; there is no test to test for Morgellons, therefore it stands to reason there is no test to test a person to see if they are cured. But, if all my symptoms are gone in a year, I will truly believe I am either cured or it is still in me but lying dormant. Many illnesses do this. Herpes is one. Chickenpox is a herpes virus and turns up later in life as Shingles in many people. When I had Lyme disease, they did so many blood tests before Lyme that I found out at sometime in my life I had Hepatitis A and Mono and never knew I had either. So the antibodies are there. btw, Morgellons was disfiguring me before I had Lyme disease. I had disseminated Lyme and my liver was affected.
    I am sure M sufferers all feel the same way about this illness. So please, let us wait and see. This may be the only thing we have that we can truly count on in the end.

    I know M sufferers all feel the same abouth the disease

  7. pat says:

    Morjella the witches on the morg site are doing a number on this.They are also using this site and the info you have posted to use against it re the herx effects. Just to warn you what they are doing. This is soooo a deliberate hatchet job on it and so obvious. There are some wicked people out there lol. They make it clear a cure isn’t what is wanted

    • morjella says:

      Thanks for caring, sweetie, but frankly, I just feel sorry for such half empty cuppers. They are miserable and obviously think they will feel better if they drag us down with them. But you know what? They won’t. And I don’t have to go there just because they want company. Besides, this is my blog. I screen all comments. They aren’t invited, which makes this a safe place for you to post. No one will bother you here.

  8. pat says:

    Well may you continue to have success with this. Ignore the nay sayers and go with it. I am very glad you are having such good results as are many using this.
    I never tried mms …just my intuition said no,but I never fancied it and it did make a few pretty ill. However it is the individuals choice to take whatever and we only learn by experimentation what works and what doesn’t. I am glad this is bringing some relief to you. All best wishes.

  9. Glenn says:

    I don’t suggest using MMS 1 or 2 as a treatment for Morgellons….. although MMS (sodium hypochlorite) is an excellent killer of bacteria…. I have found by trial and error that Morgellons bacteria is aerobic and and just loves the oxygen that MMS feeds it. I got up to 30 drops of MMS and had the worst outbreak I had ever encountered. Pure bio film came out of my intestines and my stomach was so full of the bio film I could not even get a glass of water down without feeling like I would burst. The bio film surrounds the food we eat and tries to digest it before we can…. so I suggest eating like a pig….. snack all day and night…. it will help keep the volume of bio film down as it is processed through our digestive tract. Try it and see if your outbreaks subside a bit….. it is the only thing that has helped me thus far

    • morjella says:

      Thanks for your comment, Glenn. I did actually stop using MMS myself a while back. Now I’m using F-5 and adding in Benzoyl Peroxide, which I was using before, when something rises through the layers of skin and I want it to get on out of there!

    • morjella says:

      Thanks, Pat, and you are right to go with your intuition. I’ve done the same and though I have tried almost every new thing, have held off on a few scarier ones. This is so mild, the effects occasionally brutal but not for long. The worse side effect is my eyes, which are back to making me look like an old drunk. And they weep all the time. I was in my study group the other night scribbling course material on the board and one of the women said I needed to tear my one paper towel in half and not use the same one to erase the board with that I used to dab at the corners of my eyes 🙂

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